About Me!

Let me introduce myself...

I am Monique Henderson-Ford, the owner of Monique's Clozet.  My passion for fashion started at a very early age. My dream was to open a boutique, which was realized in 2007.  I fell madly in love with it!  

Tragedy struck in 2012, when I lost both of my parents. I was lost and in the dark - Who would validate me, my dream or help me?  I realized, I depended on them, more than I thought.  I closed the boutique so that I could re-group mentally and spiritually.  

Here I Am!

Honestly, I did not think I was going to make it without Myrtle Louise.  

It is 2017, and I am Rejuvenated, Reviatalized & Ready to take on the world - one outfit at a time!

New Store!

My passion is once again fueled and I am off and running.  It is as if I never left!  I love my new location and the business is thriving.  Thanks to the many prayers, my immediate family and close friends who knew I could not let my dream die.  XOXO


RE-LAUNCHING - NEW IDEA...If you know me...you know that  my think tank never stops. I eat, sleep, live, breath business.  Several irons in the fire... Coming soon!

Fashion is my PASSION

I got this!  Right after I take a little nap!

Being FABULOUS is a full-time JOB!


YOU HAVE to come to the boutique for the "Unique Monique Experience!"  LOL

I will help you build a classy wardrobe with beautiful pieces you can interchange for years to come.  I am not just selling clothes, we are creating a "new you".